Northeast Kentucky Association for Gifted Education

Service Options

Service options are to be matched to the identified strengths and needs of the gifted and talented students to be serviced.  Service options are to be offered that are quantitatively differentiated to meet student needs, facilitating high level achievement of the KERA goals and mastery of the Kentucky Core Content for Achievement.

Districts shall use grouping for instructional pruposes and multiple service delivery options.  Student grouping format shall include grouping based on student interests, needs, and abilities, including social and emotional needs, which should be reflected in their Gifted Student Service Plan (GSSP).


Cluster grouping is the grouping of a  limited number of identified gifted students in a heterogenous setting with a teacher trained in the appropriate special needs of gifted students for the purpose of receiving differentiated educational experiences matched to the student's needs, interests and abilities.

 Resource services are services delivered ina pull-out classroom or other appropriate instructional setting to provide direct instruction by teachers trained in the unique needs of gifted students and to      provide an intellectual peer group.

Independent study is the self-directed exploration of a topic or a course under the supervision of a teacher or college/university personnel. 

Honors courses are classes designed to present students with highter levels of content, process, product, and pacing.  Honors courses are not exclusively for gifted students, but gifted students may be clustered within an honors section, providing a higher level curriculum that can be further differentiated.

Seminars are sessions on specific topics focusing on advanced content and high level process skills.  Conducted by teachers, representatives of various professional fields, volunteers, or parents, seminars provide opportunity for students to come together while maintaining enrollment in their regular coursework. 

Distance Learning is a rapidly growing service option in which students use the internet, television broadcasts, correspondence courses, and other technology broadcasts, correspondence courses, and other technology to access courses and resources not availabe within the school.  Kentucky Virtual High School offers many high level courses.