Northeast Kentucky Association for Gifted Education

Why was I invited to NEKAGE Meetings?

Anyone is welcome to attend our meetings!  However, if your school's Gifted and Talented coordinator sent a flyer home with your child inviting you, then chances are your coordinator has observed test results that are used to help identify giftedness.  For students in kindergarten-third grade, a Primary Talent Pool is identified for students showing "gifted potential" based upon work products, creativity reflected, recommendations by teachers, reading levels, and other factors.  A child can be identified in the Primary Talent Pool but might not necessarily be tagged as "gifted".  Once a child is tagged as "gifted", that child will continually be a part of the gifted education program. 

The coordinators at your school are largely a part of NEKAGE even though this is a parent organization and more parents are sought to lead our activities.  It is our goal to provide informational seminars for our parents regarding, child advocacy, socio-emotional needs of gifted students, creative Math Minds, panel discussions and more.  Your children can also benefit from what you learn as well as from what they experience at the workshops designed for them while you attend your meeting!

Kentucky has laws in place that require certain service options to be provided for the gifted and we've published those at our meetings. Your school has the freedom to choose how it meet those requirements.  Please contact your school's gifted and talented coordinator listed below for further details regarding your child.            



Ruth Crowe, Fairview Independent Schools 

Dixie Johnson, Ashland Independent Middle & High Schools 

Denise Justice, Raceland Elementary 

Sandy Pack, Raceland-Worthington Independent Schools 

Julia Moore, Russell Independent Schools 

Teresa Montague, Ashland Independent Elementary Schools 

Judy Meadows, Greenup County Schools

Deidra Patton, Boyd County Schools