Northeast Kentucky Association for Gifted Education


     Welcome to our website for the northeastern region of Kentucky Association for Gifted Education (KAGE).  We currently include the Greenup and Boyd counties as well as the independent schools therein. We extend our doors to also include Elliott, Carter, Lewis and Lawrence (Ky) Counties. You can attend our free general meetings without being a member.  However, joining our local organization helps us to bring information to you right here and sponsor events that allow our children to become acquainted and to become or remain comfortable with their giftedness. We also hope to offer Super Saturday offerings at nominal costs.  Select "Meetings" for more details.

     We support our state chapter of KAGE, which helps to provide publications, scholarships for gifted camps, funds to lobby for needed support by our lawmakers, and more.  KAGE is a non-profit organization.   For more information about becoming a member, contact the president or to give us your comments, please "contact us".  Please also contact us with your suggestions on topics to cover at our meetings. We are also interested in hearing your suggestions for the gifted program at your school.

Mission Statement

To support parents, students, educators, administrators and staff of gifted students in Northeastern Kentucky.


  Our goals are to:

  • encourage the improvement of educational services to all students, including those that are gifted and talented,
  • support appropriate educational opportunities for gifted and talented students,
  • offer training for parents and teachers of gifted and talented students,
  • disseminate information about opportunities for gifted and talented students as well as for parents and teachers of these students,
  • inform the general public of the needs of gifted and talented students,
  • assist parents, educators, and public officials in identifying and assessing resources to meet the needs of students who are gifted and talented,
  • support KAGE to secure permanent state funding and legislation to provide appropriate education for the gifted and talented students in every school district in Kentucky, and
  • raise funds to provide scholarship assistance to qualified students participating in summer gifted programs offered by Kentucky Universities.

Thanks to the Kentucky Advisory Council for Gifted and Talented Education for their publication, "Nurturing our Future" written by Jan W. Lanham, from which many excerpts on this website were extracted.  Also thanks to KAGE for its strong leadership in gifted education.

This information is offered in good will to provide a general source of information about giftedness as we learned as advocates.  We are not experts and we bear no liability for its use, misuse or imperfections.  To report corrections, additions, or for questions, please contact webmaster, Brenda Martin,President NEKAGE at 606-571-0917, Post Office Box 104 Russell, Kentucky  41169